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Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque)

Sultan ahmet Mosque,which was constructed by the 14th Ottoman Sultan Ahmet I,who ruled between the years of 1603-1617,is the greatest and most splendid mosque of Istanbul.The constuction of mosque was started in 1609 by architect Mehmet Agha,who was a student odf Architect Sinan and who undertook the architectural works of the structure and the constrution was completed in 1616.The premises consisted of a madrasah,a hospital,an Arasta Bazaar,a school,a mausoleum,a caravansary and a public fountain together with the mosque.The hospital and the caravansary were damaged in 19th century.
Sultan Ahmet Mosque is the last impressive structure of Ottoman religious architecture.Although many other mosques were built after this one,none of them reached to the dimension and to the elegance of the decorations of Sultan Ahmet Mosque.Located in Sultanahmet Area.